The Network of Large European Hospitals: How Innovation in Technology, Medical Practice and Organization Improves Patients Care


The medicine of the future wil be ever more rapidly evolving due to the continually increasing interaction between the fields of expertise and competence regarding patient care. Furthermore, due to the new devices capable not only of enhancing clinical and surgical skills but also of improving healthcare services through a more rational and efficient use of resources, in the medicine of the future technology will play an ever increasingly integral role.
Thus, the International Meeting on "The Network of Large European Hospitals" offers a point of view on the future, on how innovation in technology, clinical practice, and organization improves patient care.
The hospitals of the future belonging to the European network, either newly constructed or modernized, will be increasingly digitized, computerized, and robotically equipped.
During the Meeting at Careggi University Hospital (Florence), international experts will meet to discuss the new therapeutic frontiers of oncological surgery, ophthalmology, urology, reconstructive surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, organ and tissue transplants. Moreover, during the Meeting new procedures will be disclosed together with innovative perspectives for robotic surgery, radiotherapy, rehabilitation with exoskeletons, therapeutic compound preparations, especially regarding cancer therapies.
In the spotlight of the Meeting, the keywords will be not only prevention and therapies, but also prognostication of those diseases that could affect any individual with personalized medicine.
Last but not least, the other topics that will be explored in this three day Meeting wil be the new frontiers of bioengineering, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, Big Data analysis methods, and Big Data's huge unexplored potentiality in the study of diseases and new healthcare scenarios, cognitive computing, e.g. artificial intelligence able to make decisions in both healthcare and organization fields.
In conclusion, at this International Meeting in Florence from October 13th to October 15th 2016 we will have a taste of the future of the worldwide healthcare system.

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